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In this review I’m going to be taking a look at Guardian Soulmates, a popular dating site from the Guardian.It will probably come as no surprise to you that this dating site is dominated by Guardian readers, whom according the Guardians own readers profile are: affluent, food and drink aficionados, well-traveled and finance-savvy.Members on the site are seeking a mix of friendship, relationships, and casual affairs.But the numbers definitely fall in favour of those seeking relationships for the longer term.Please help me to better myself and to find my true love. AMEN Been so lonely and depressed since my wife left and divorced me for another woman. I miss her so much and tried everything to save our marriage.My heart aches for all the pain that I've been through lately. Help lead me in the path you have for me and guide me to my future partner. I am tired of on line dating, nowadays you don't find anyone unless its online sites. I pray that there is someone out there for me to share the rest of my life with and that I won't be lonely. I feel alone and abandoned my love don't love me anymore he sleeps alone he shops alone he is not a part of my life anymore.

" or "Is my partner my Soul-Mate" " Is my ex my Soul-Mate?Thank you for the wonderful blessings in my life that I hope to share soon with my true love, the man you have chosen for me. Amen I still love my ex he wanted me to be a better person in my life . but everything us in God's hands he knows what he is doing with me. and bring my soul mate true romantic love towards me. My kindness, loyalty, sense of humor and dedication will bring my true love very happy. AMEN I will pray I by myself and those person who are longing for..have faith come in our hearts that God is with us,yet we encountered such kind troubles but we need to be strong for us human being this is the milestones to seek peace in down to earth and be patience in everything we do that at the end triumph is always prevail.Please continue to watch over us when we begin to share our lives together that we may always be thankful for the wonderful gifts you have given us and forever be thankful for one another. I'm not sure if he has wronged me if he has I forgive him. I'm 21 years old and I've been single for over a year, me and my ex broke up because he cheated multiple time which resulted in me having an STD. Please let me find a real true love that will honor and respect me. Let us accomplish our goals, strengthen one another and live happy. Dear God, Thanks for being there for me when i feel so down and to the person who post this prayer..I come before you today to ask though I can not even dream of looking upon you for my past sins are forgiven your light is to powerful to look upon. Help me believe that there is a man in this world that will someday come into my life and love me and care about me as my best friend, my love, my partner for life.I ask you father by your will for my entrance into heaven, to find the man you have foretold me of. Have him enter my life dear Jesus and let us love each other as we grow closer to you together. Help me stay on the path you have chosen for me as I know that you want my life to be full of happiness and love. Help heal the wounds of my past so I can move forward to be the person you want me to be. I'm really confused but I know I'm still in love with him and want to be with him and a future too.

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