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I came up with a Sidewalk Chalk End of School Year Student Gift Idea & Free Printable.I had seen other sidewalk chalk ideas where people banded them together with a paper printable and that was my original idea and then I realized something that’s very, very important when dealing with chalk… If you don’t package them then it can break easier and it will get all over everything and even if it doesn’t break little bits will fall off or it will just rub against everything in the backpack!My daughter is in her final year of Pre-K, she’s been going since she was 3 and is so excited to finally be moving up to Kindergarten next year.There are three Pre-K classes at her school and while some of her friends are moving up with her there are some that have another year or two to go before they move up to Kindergarten. The ones that don’t move up will have new kids next year that they don’t know and those that are moving up will have to adjust to there being many more kindergarten classes and maybe having only 1-2 friends from Pre-K in their classroom next year.

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When a giant flying lizard tries to carry The Woman off, The Big Guy rescues her and they begin a torrid affair much to the dislike of the other men in the expedition.

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Wearied from her perilous flight she sheds her wings, burrows into the soft sand and begins to lay.

The first children of the nomadic Formica Ereptor must grow quickly if they are to survive.

Soon the ants will embark on a vast and treacherous journey through thick jungle and scorching desert.

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