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[tags: Historic Landmark] - Stonehenge has been an epicenter for much discussion,confusion,controversy, and debates for many years especially in it’s homeland of the U. Stonehenge has puzzled and divided experts for decades. Whatever Stonehenge is it is a remarkable structure full of mystery and magic.

Between 19 was a major breakthrough when archeologist began finding the remains of Stonehenge, Today he remains of Stonehenge can be visited in the fields of Witt shire England, where it has stood for nearly 5000 years.

Rather, he has complete confidence in the truth as it is revealed by Jehovah God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and "the faithful and discreet slave.” Watchtower 2001 Aug 1 p.14 “We are determined to be loyal to Jehovah and to his organization.

The oldest known skeletal remains of anatomically modern humans (or homo sapiens sapiens) were excavated at sites in East Africa.Africans were the first to organise fishing expeditions 90,000 years ago.At Katanda, a region in northeastern Zaïre (now Congo), was recovered a finely wrought series of harpoon points, all elaborately polished and barbed.Africans were the first to engage in mining 43,000 years ago.In 1964 a hematite mine was found in Swaziland at Bomvu Ridge in the Ngwenya mountain range.

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