Tom hardy who is he dating

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But there is a time and a place for that.'The reporter, named Graeme Coleman from the LGBT site Daily Xtra, asked Hardy during the Q&A: 'In the film, your character Ronnie is very open about his sexuality but given interviews you've done in the past, your own sexuality seems a bit more ambiguous.

, Hardy pursued the individual – who had allegedly stolen a moped and crashed it – through gardens in London, before grabbing the man and declaring: "I CAUGHT THE C**T!

I was like, 'OK, I'll get it done, but you have to write it properly.'"And he probably will.

Hardy's body art is very much a statement of his commitment: to his lovers, to his family, to himself. He has her name, Lindy King, tattooed on the inside of his arm, which he said he would do if she ever got him into Hollywood.

The pair stayed close together throughout the evening and could be seen cuddling while the pop star Jessie J performed songs. Hardy is currently shooting the Hollywood thriller Animal Rescue with Noomi, who divorced her fellow Swedish actor Ola Rapace in 2011 after 10 years of marriage.

She and Hardy are due to appear together again, in Sir Ridley Scott’s film Child 44.

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Hardy’s past relationship history has always been a bit murky, but fans have noticed a trend – an overlap in his relationships."A witness told the newspaper: "It was mental – like he'd switched to superhero mode in an action movie.Two boys on the nicked moped had jumped a red light and smashed into a car.When Tom Hardy played Heathcliff to Charlotte Riley’s Cathy in ITV's adaptation of Wuthering Heights in 2009, their passion continued off screen and the pair were soon engaged.Sadly, the actors’ love story seems to have come to no more of a happy ending than that of Emily Brontë’s characters.

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