Validating null value in plsql

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In this case you can be as pedantic as you like or try to suit the use case at hand. This is a potential duplicate of Finding rows that don't contain numeric data in Oracle.

Also see: How can I determine if a string is numeric in SQL? Here's a solution based on Michael Durrant's that works for integers. If its a varchar field, then its not a number (or stored as one).

If you're dealing with more international development, a 0 and 1 makes more sense by getting language out of the [email protected] - It will depend on how frequently the data is actually numeric.

Exceptions are generally expensive so if most of the data is non-numeric, this approach is going to be somewhat inefficient.

The ut Assert package provides a set of assertion routines ("assert that the following condition is true") that you will use to register the outcome of a test case.

You must call a ut Assert assertion program after (or containing) a test case so that the results of that test can be recorded and then reported.

is not declared as a NUMBER (which seems like an odd choice and likely to be problematic), you can write a function that tries to convert the (presumably VARCHAR2) ID to a number, catches the exception, and returns a 'Y' or an 'N'.

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