What is the dating age law in idaho Yahoo xxx sex chat

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There are no close-in-age exemptions to the Idaho age of consent law.

There are no set close-in-age exemptions or "Romeo and Juliet laws" to Idaho's age of consent.

(1) It is a felony for any person eighteen (18) years of age or older, with the intent to gratify the lust, passions, or sexual desire of the actor, minor child or third party, to: (a) solicit a minor child under the age of sixteen (16) years to participate in a sexual act, or (b) cause or have sexual contact with such minor child, not amounting to lewd conduct as defined in section 18-1508, Idaho Code, or (c) make any photographic or electronic recording of such minor child.

While there are no definitive exceptions to age of consent, if penetration is not at issue, the sexual acts may be legal so long as the female is at least 16.

The following information was taken directly from the Idaho state legislation website at 18 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS CHAPTER 15 CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE ADULTS 18-1506.


An unmarried minor can generally get out of a contract for goods or services, if done before turning 18.

However, even if unmarried, a minor can’t disaffirm an otherwise valid contract to purchase necessities, such as food, shelter, or clothing.

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